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Tax Return

Do you use an accountant to prepare your tax return? Do you wish it could be simpler and cheaper? Then use our program! It has been designed by our french accountant in your language. It is very easy to use. You can either do it yourself or ask us to set it up for you. If you want to do it yourself click here . If you want us to do it then contact us for more information. This is a "one stop shop". The program automatically creates all the required leaseback tax forms and sends them by EDI (which is a legal requirement) to the French tax office. It also generates your TVA form, the TVA refund form (if one is due) and your overall tax declarations (the 2042 forms). If you use the program yourself or we do the initial setup cost is only £85. We also provide the complete service (where we do everything) for £130. 

Watch this video to show you how easy it is to process your tax return.


Tax return feedback

10-02-20 Absolutely fantastic, the switch from my previous French tax accountant was made so easy, great support the whole way. A very professional service. Highly recommend.
31-01-20 Excellent service, simple to use and very good value.
26-06-19 Seamus completed my return for me. Absolute first-class service. My return was overdue and Seamus was very reassuring He completed everything very quickly and very efficiently I would highly recommend him and his service
30-04-19 The whole set up is simple easy to use and if you have any questions the response is almost immediate. Couldnt fault the service, product or pirce. excellant value.

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