Tax return Feedback

User Date Created Ease of use Is Tool help Useful Value for money General comments
User Date Created Ease of use Is Tool help Useful Value for money General comments
Lesmasrobin 2023-05-03 OK No opinion Good An excellent service and fantastic value for money
AmandaJ 2023-03-15 Easy Yes Good Really straightforward processes and you can get your return done in about 15 minutes.
French Property Owner 2023-03-06 Easy Yes Good Seamus is very patient , helpful and efficient. Few emails and the return is sorted. Thank you.
colindunn 2023-01-10 Easy No opinion Good Excellent service - very quick and easy to use
tonyc 2023-01-07 Easy Yes Good
regan51 2022-05-09 Easy No opinion Good
johnbwalsh63 2022-04-18 Easy Yes Good
sfsteven 2022-04-13 OK No opinion OK French Leaseback has been very helpful in responding to whatever tax questions we have. We work with Seamus McConville who has always been, patient and knowledgeable.
dave bartley 2022-04-13 Easy Yes Good Very easy to complete and excellent value compare to what i used to pay ..Thanks
AmandaJ 2022-04-05 Easy Yes Good Its so easy to complete and submit your French Tax Return using this software. The 1st time you enter your details takes a bit longer (and Seamus helped when I didnt get the result I was expecting), but subsequent years are so easy, it takes about 5 minutes. So much cheaper and quicker than when I was using a French accountant.
mesrich 2022-02-20 Easy No opinion Good Great service at a fraction of the price that some French Accountants charge
colindunn 2022-02-09 Easy No opinion Good My only regret is that I didnt move to French Leaseback sooner.
Michael Walsh 2022-02-02 Easy No opinion Good The service provided by is easy to use. I found it straightforward. Have any invoices relating to expenses to hand (I try to remember to take a photo of invoices as year progresses) makes it simple to complete details. They have a very speedy response time. Michael
French Property Owner 2022-02-01 Easy Yes Good Tax made simple by Seamus.
tonyc 2022-01-22 OK Yes Good Quick and easy to use once you get used to it and have the info to hand.
Humphrey Percy 2022-01-04 Easy No opinion OK
Gillybobs56 2021-05-17 OK Yes Good For over 10 yrs I was paying for services that cost approximately 500 to 600 Euros per annum. In recent years the two Management Companies lack of rent payments caused severe financial issues for us. When I told the previous company I could no longer afford their invoice charge I was made to feel like a child whod done something wrong! I initially enquired with Seamus a few years ago, but due to the treatment by the previous company it was difficult to leave them - and they also were asking for an extra payment for their accountant so I could leave. Seamus has been really patient with me as I have anxiety and the thought of filling the BIC declaration form out filled me with dread....however, as with most things in life, its easier when you understand what your doing and have finished the task! Thanks Seamus for answering all my queries so quickly! What bugs me is that I could have been using this system for years. Once my 2042 is sent I now have to resolve legal issues with Appartcity. Thanks again Seamus!
frenchbean 2021-04-14 OK No opinion Good Calm and professional as always. Inevitably I have some query/queries and Seamus is quick to respond and clarify things for me.
Aido66 2021-03-25 Easy Yes Good
Beaudog63 2021-03-04 Easy Yes Good Youre payment verification doesnt seem to work with Safari, to get it to go through I had the change to Firefox which worked fine.
metabolic 2021-02-15 Easy Yes Good Always a pleasure to deal with Seamus and his team, they are very patient, knowledgeable and helpful, if as in my case you are frustrated with with form filling and submission, then Seamus and his team are for you...they simplify and expedite the whole process...It will be done before you know it thus I would recommend them to everyone.
Volvoman 2021-01-31 Easy No opinion Good I moved from a big 4 accountancy firm in Nice to French in 2020. My only regret is not having done so sooner. I have never in my entire working life experienced such efficiency and simplicity in any accounting related matter. I opted for the maximum service where I simply email my documentation to French leaseback and they do everything else for me. I would happily recommend this service to anyone who wants a stress free tax return experience.
naksterk 2021-01-21 Easy No opinion Good Brilliant service and so easy to use. Seamus always responds promptly and it is all in English. Fantastic.
Tuulia 2021-01-18 Easy Yes Good
colindunn 2021-01-18 Easy No opinion Good Excellent - easy to use and hugely less expensive than the French accountancy service we have been using for years and all in English!
Charlescarr 2020-07-17 Easy No opinion Good So much better than my previous provider - one of the Big 4!
dave bartley 2020-06-29 OK No opinion Good
NigelParker 2020-05-23 Complicated but manageable No opinion OK Great back up support from Seamus with quick response to online queries and questions. I recommend the service he provides
sfsteven 2020-05-18 OK Yes Good French Leaseback Community made dealing with our French property taxes much simpler and at a lower cost than our previous service. Seamus McConville and his team respond quickly to our questions and concerns and demonstrate extreme patience with those who do not understand French taxes. Using French Leaseback has made owning our French apartment more manageable than ever.
marseillaise 2020-05-13 Easy No opinion Good Really good service and Seamus and Geraud are exceptionally helpful and efficient
Chrissie 2020-04-28 Easy Yes Good so simple and great price compared with previous company
FanningD 2020-04-22 OK No opinion OK Found system much easier to navigate this year. Had some difficulty last year, but Seamus was very helpful then.
NigelParker 2020-03-29 OK No opinion OK Seamus has always been attentive and efficient at dealing with my queries. A good professional.
Brendan01 2020-03-24 Easy Yes Good Excellent service.Great value.Fast and efficient. I will definitely be using in the future.
cracker 2020-02-10 Easy Yes Good Absolutely fantastic, the switch from my previous French tax accountant was made so easy, great support the whole way. A very professional service. Highly recommend.
Paulb 2020-01-31 Easy Yes Good Excellent service, simple to use and very good value.
Dougnotley 2020-01-13 Easy Yes OK
Terry and Lesley 2019-06-26 Easy No opinion Good Seamus completed my return for me. Absolute first-class service. My return was overdue and Seamus was very reassuring He completed everything very quickly and very efficiently I would highly recommend him and his service
nashnash62 2019-04-30 Easy Yes Good The whole set up is simple easy to use and if you have any questions the response is almost immediate. Couldnt fault the service, product or pirce. excellant value.
regan51 2019-04-29 Easy No opinion Good I found the system easy to use and good value in comparison to my previous provider. I will use it again. (Not sure what the hover help refers to?)
JohnNoonan 2019-04-28 Easy Yes Good
debsishg 2019-04-20 Easy No opinion Good Excellent value for money. Thank you again Seamus
tonyc 2019-04-07 Easy Yes Good Great tool but one niggle is that I could only print the declaration forms using google chrome as large gaps when trying to print from Microsoft Edge or explorer
DRMSGOLD 2019-04-06 Easy Yes Good Excellent service and price and so good to speak to someone who can explain the way the French system works. This is so different from my previous French accountant. Now I am set up and fully understand the process it should be a doddle going forward. Thank you Seamus for all your help.
Angela woolnough 2019-04-01 Complicated but manageable Yes Good I have received a very prompt and efficient service and it is good value for money.
marseillaise 2019-03-22 Easy Yes Good Very happy with service provided by Seamus and Geraud and have recommended them to friends. Merci beaucoup!
brymag 2019-02-07 Easy No opinion Good The whole tax return process was easy, straight forward and painless. I only wish Id discovered them years ago when I first bought in France. Cant recommend them highly enough.
mickheno 2019-01-23 Easy Yes Good
colette 2019-01-11 Easy Yes Good
JonBlow 2019-01-03 Easy Yes Good A lot easier than I thought, and will be even easier next year. And no sending forms and scans over to France in future now. Glad I made the change :-)
nashnash62 2018-04-30 Easy Yes Good
gcp 2018-04-17 Easy Yes Good Very reasonably priced service and great help when required. Having done it once, it will be much easier next year.
o shea 2018-04-03 Easy No opinion Good A MUST USE for any one with a leaseback or rental. Really easy.
JohnNoonan 2018-04-02 Easy Yes Good
Colmken 2018-03-20 Easy Yes Good I was nervous about changing over from another accountancy firm but once I got all the info together I found it very straightforward
jacbartat 2018-03-13 Complicated but manageable No opinion Good
CathW 2018-02-16 Easy Yes Good I have used a French accountant to file our tax return for the past years at considerable cost and this year I used the FrenchLeasebacknet online Tax Return service I opted for the full service as I felt the language barrier may be an issueUsing this service required no more effort than dealing with our French accountant Seamus provided great support in answering any queries in relation to the return Completed tax forms are easily accessible and can be downloaded if and when required In addition using this service saved me almost 200EUR Thanks Seamus
rajmodi 2018-02-06 Complicated but manageable Yes Good very impressed with the service received from seamswas always using GEFI and EUREFI before now i understand more and would recommend it
debsishg 2018-01-30 Easy No opinion Good Excellent Service with superlative value for money Many thanks Seamus for organising this much obliged
Tuulia 2018-01-22 Easy Yes Good Excellent program Painless and cheaper than similar services on the market
tonyc 2018-01-08 Easy Yes Good
kevvy 2017-05-12 Easy Yes Good I have tried to do my own tax return before but found some parts too complicated So I think this tool is fantastic I really dont have to worry about how it works it thinks for me Great job Seamus
henrikds 2017-05-03 Easy Yes Good
Shutterman 2017-04-29 Easy Yes Good Excellent tool and not nearly as daunting as it first appeared
marief 2017-04-28 Complicated but manageable Yes Good Thanks a lot Seamus for all your help and patients we are delighted it worked out for us it is very good value we will use it in the futureRegardsPaul and Marie Freeman
JohnNoonan 2017-04-27 Easy Yes Good I love this facility It makes it easy to enter tax return details One suggestion for improvement It would be nice to receive a pdf file showing what has been submitted to the French tax department on my behalf