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Does anyone know how to get in touch with Credit Foncier by phone? I have tried the number on the bank statement 08 25 30 30 31 but as: +33 8 25 30 30 31 and the dialling tone indicates this line is out of action. I cannot see another number on their website. I have also tried the following email several times:,

All I receive is an automatic response, to say a customer service advisor will be in touch. My first email was responded to by letter in French, so I got the answer translated. My second email relates to a different query. I suspect they will reply in due course with a letter in French.

I would like to be able to speak to somebody in English, as the information I require is for our accountant, and has a deadline of a few weeks. Since CF have many overseas customers, I would imagine, they have staff who can speak English.

If anyone has a number that works, please let me know.




if your still having problems credit foncier now have a uk site

Hi Mr j.

Thanks for the info.Although it is in english and says the email address is france!Typical of credit foncier no phone numbers,

still useless!


Hi Tuulia,

Cedit Fonciere's customer service is useless!

You will get a reply,eventually!

The person you need to speak to is Luciana Sornette,she speaks good english.I emailed her my phone no.,and she phoned me direct!

Good luck,you will need it!


Thanks John, will give this a try tomorrow.