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belambra? Le Hameau Des Airelles

Hi there

Does anyone on here have a leaseback in le hameau des airelles?  Would love to share some stories/information on what you are doing with renew of lease?  We are currently at Solicitor stage as wouldn't renew for 50% less rental income, but wonder if anyone knows anymore information?  Especially about eviction imdenmity fees?

Thanks Glenn and Maxine

Refuse the new lease if it is not the same rent as before and cancel it legally using your solicitor - but do it in good time. You will not have to pay eviction indemnity if you cancel the lease legally like this. We refused a rent reduction and the company was put into receivership and then the leases were cancelled by the receiver. Don't be a fool, you don't always have to pay an eviction payment just because they say so.

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