French Court cancels lease with no compensation

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French Court cancels lease with no compensation

Excellent result for once....

In this case, the lease stated that no compensation would be due at the end of the lease. But of course this statement is irrelevant under French law. Worse, it is deliberately misleading, because the person/s who created the lease contract knew that this was not enforceable under French law.

And the French court (eventually) found this to be deliberately misleading and gave the owners back their property. Happy days.

For many other owners, there was no clause in the contract at all in relation to eviction compensation and purchasers were verbally told that the property was theirs at the end of the lease contract....  Or simply never knew that such a thing did or could exist, since they were not professionals in the area of real estate. We were in fact consumers.


That’s a great result. Which lawyers did you use? 


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