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Lease Renewal

I have just received a pdf from Lagrange/SMAS Tourisme re renewing my lease, with amendments.  One of which is as follows:

Dans l’article 5 – Loyer, alinéa 5.1 – Loyer en numéraire – C- Révision du loyer : il est prévu une indexation du loyer en numéraire basée sur l’indice INSEE du coût de la construction, les parties conviennent de remplacer cet indice de référence, par l’Indice sur les Loyers Commerciaux (ILC) plus adapté aux baux commerciaux.

Le mode de calcul pour l’application de l’indexation triennale fixé dans le bail initial sera conservé.

L’indice de référence pour le calcul de l’indexation triennale sur ces nouvelles bases sera celui du 3ème trimestre 2018. La première indexation aura lieu le 20 décembre 2021.

Can anyone tell me what this change means i.e. changing the rental calculation from one based on INSEE to ILC please?  I'm pretty sure it's not meant to move matters in my favour.  Do they have a right to 

simply inform me they are imposing this or any other amendment to tbe Bail Commercial (which, it appears, in any case, means SFA from the point of view of the 'owner' but is fully inforceable from the POV of the Management Co)?

Any advice appreciated.



I reckon you should tell them to send you the contract in English for a start.

Good advicd.  Thanks.

Dear Argent, 

It refers to change of the index for your new lease. The previous indexation was based on the ICC (which was deleted by the Pinel Law in June 2014). Therefore, in most french leaseback, the new indexation is based on ILC.

Kind regards, 

David Sabatier

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