Whether to go it alone or sign a new 9 yr 9months lease with Goelia

12 February 2018

Hi, at the moment I am considering whether to go it alone and let my own apartment or get an agency to do so as Goelia will be the new Mgt company for the complex and the proposed rental income is almost halved from what I was getting from 
O'Dalys and that is before any renovations etc are carried out on site. It seems a paltry amount considering the weekly charges for letting out the apartment even if there is only 65% occupancy! I know that I will have to repay VAT unless I fulfill 3 our of the 4 conditions but even with the VAT payback I will have more

control over what I can do with the apartment. Cest La Vie were interested with no lease but needed to get 30 owners to buy in. I would like to get in contact with existing owners in Mimosas who are not taking up the new lease to get their perspective on pros and cons etc. Ideally I want to sell it and am curious as to what I would get. Also not clear on how long I would hae before I would have to repay the VAT etc were I to keep it myself. Does anyone know how many weeks you have to rent it to ensure vat has not to be paid back.

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