2 February 2018

Hi Guys

In one letter from Accelis Gestion, they mention putting owners in touch with potential buyers. Has anyone gone through the proccess of selling this way? Is it possible to get them to increase their offer from that outlined in the letter?



Submitted by Marcush on

Hi John,

I would guess its like as someone outlined before, that they are trying to reduce our monthly rentals and with that offset , then try to devalue the property. Their potential buyers

are not the people , you'd like to be selling to . I assume you got their post on trying to reduce income as well.  But would be interested in selling but not for what they are offering





Submitted by WCS on

They are trying to buy properties at knock down prices. SCAM. I suggest group legal action.

Submitted by colette on

Hi Guys, we are sitting tight I have sent a few e-mails regarding late rent and todate they have responded with payment although still waiting for last quarters rent , but have not accepted the request for reducing rents . We have also been offered a buy back by their new investors at a 60% reduction on what we paid , so am ignoring the constant letters I am recieving, I have asked for copies of annual board meeting and end of year financial statements as proof of financial difficulties , as you can guess I have recieved no response. We would be willing to sell but feel at present we have no option but to wait it out . I have checked on line and the rental rates for the property are still relatively high so dont think they can be hurting too much. I made the mistake a couple of years ago contacting an estate agent regarding selling and approached Acclies to make information available that was when suddenly our rental started to be late for payment and they made us the offer to buy at a silly price then started threating to reduce rent, this all of course but our plans for selling with other agent in a damaging position and we had to withdraw form the market . I believe this is all a bullying ploy  so we in tend to sit it out and call their bluff

Submitted by tande on

Hi Collette

What address and email address are you using since the information given at the bottom of their letters does not seem to correct?


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